christmas decorating

For some people, Christmas decorations are always a last-minute affair!

Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of easy ideas that can turn any home into a Christmas oasis.

Decorate doors

Tie bows around your door handles with a large thick red ribbon. This will immediately bring your doors to life and create Christmas cheer.

If you have a craft box handy, let your children create decorative labels for their bedroom doors. Encourage them to use traditional Christmas colours to keep with the overall theme.

Decorate with family photos

Chances are you have a lot of Christmas photos. We sure do! Gather any family photos you have on display around the home and switch out the regular photos for ones from previous Christmas celebrations.

Not only will they look fantastic, but they’ll spark lots of great conversations as your family members reminisce on Christmas’ past.

Play Christmas carols for atmosphere

One of the easiest ways to bring the Christmas spirit into your home is with carols. Music streaming services like Spotify are filled with Christmas playlists so there is no excuse not to pump some Christmas cheer into your home.

Same goes for Christmas movies – who doesn’t love watching these with the family?

Decorate walls with tinsel and ornaments

Don’t just save tinsel and ornaments for the Christmas tree. Both of these items can be wound throughout your home with ease.

We particularly love seeing tinsel leading the way up and down staircases.

Spread love with mistletoe

You really can’t go wrong by hanging a small piece of mistletoe from your ceiling.

Use left-over ornaments in glass bowls

Once you’ve finished decorating the tree, place left over ornaments into glass bowls as an additional Christmas feature. You can use these as a table centrepiece, but they also look great adorning coffee tables and side tables throughout the home.

Don’t forget Christmas lights

If all else fails, look to Christmas lights for the biggest impact! Kids and adults alike take cheer in the twinkling of Christmas lights and your decorating possibilities are endless. They can be used on the tree, along walls and even on the exterior of your home if you’re game enough!

No matter if you’re super organised or leave decorating to the last minute every year, we hope these ideas will help bring joy into your home on Christmas day!

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