christmas solutions

We all want our Christmas to be absolutely perfect – who wouldn’t?

Sadly, life has a way of throwing us curb balls when we need them the least. Which is why we’ve gathered up our top last-minute Christmas solutions in this exciting read.

Help! There are extra guests at the dinner table

For most people, extra guests are a frustrating surprise. You’ve gone to the effort of planning and preparing a delicious menu and table setting and now you’ve got an extra person or two to accommodate for.

In moments like this it’s best to embrace the Christmas spirit and say, ‘the more the merrier’. No one will mind having an extra place setting squished onto the dinner table and chances are, the focus will be on catching up and conversation anyway!

Help! I received a gift I wasn’t expecting

It’s always a good idea – especially if you’re hosting Christmas this year – to organise a few extra gifts.

It’s so much easier to let a guest know that you have left their gift in another room and you just have to fetch it, than to go through the awkwardness of explaining that you didn’t buy them something. Spare gifts such as lotions, candles, wine, and chocolates are always clear winners.

Help! My house feels too small to host Christmas

We’d like to say from the outset that no house or home is too small to host Christmas. Sure, it may feel a little cramped when you have all of your relatives in the one room, but it pays to remember that no one minds.

You can also consider taking your Christmas celebration outdoors. Large outdoor settings or a number of smaller card tables can be set up to accommodate all your friends and family.

Help! I still haven’t bought gifts for those hard-to-buy for people

Is there anything worse than a hard-to-buy for person? We didn’t think so!

If you have someone in your life who seems to own everything they could ever want or need, it might be worth looking into experience gifts.

These can include tickets to shows or movies, an invitation to spend the day with you, or even tickets to the zoo. The experience itself is of secondary importance – the real gift here is spending time with your loved ones.

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