When it comes to Christmas, giving family members gifts they truly cherish is a special feeling.

However, we understand that choosing the right gift and getting everything achieved in time can be a dangerous battle.

That’s why, we’ve come up with this last-minute gift guide full of ideas for the whole family!

Gift ideas for kids

When it comes to selecting gifts for the kids in your life, we always recommend going for something with ‘cool factor’ but that can also be used to promote education and learning. One example may be a book series that kids are currently devouring, along with toys such as LEGO, dress ups or even puzzles.

Gift ideas for teenagers

Teenagers are obsessed in electronics and gifts should reflect this. Is there a video game that everyone is playing? A new fitness tracker that they have to have. Or do they purchase music and games from online stores?

Gift cards from retailers like Steam, iTunes and Nintendo can allow them to expand upon the titles they already own for current devices.

Gift ideas for your spouse

Our favourite spouse gifts are ones that can be enjoyed together. Consider purchasing your spouse tickets to the cinema, a show you’ve both been wanting to see, a restaurant voucher, or winery tour. The time together will be equally rewarding as the gift itself.

Gift ideas for your parents and in-laws

For some families, buying for parents or in-laws can cause a lot of stress. After all, what do you buy people who seem to have everything?

We love selecting personalised items for in-laws as they show a personal touch. Consider personalising coffee cups or framing a recent family photo. If all else fails, wine and chocolate usually never go astray.

Gift ideas for close friends

Buying for close friends can be a fun experience – this is where you really get to throw caution into the wind and buy those gifts with funny in-jokes and personal significance. This may include books, funny socks, pyjamas, beer kits, candles, make-up, hair accessories, clothes, the list goes on and on.

Have you found an idea here? We sure hope so!

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