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Is your home lacking wow factor? Maybe it feels more like a house than a home?

With a little creative flair and the right know-how, our Home Styling service can give your home a fresh update that will make you never want to leave.

Are you interested in learning more?

What is Home Styling?

You’ve spent hours decluttering your home (or called in the experts to do it for you!) only to find now that you have a blank canvas you’re unhappy with the current style in your home.

Maybe you’d like to refresh the items you have on display. Or get assistance in switching up the entire atmosphere of your home.

Home Styling is a unique service designed to bring your home to life and dressed to impress!

How does the process work?

Our Home Styling service is designed to showcase the best of your home in three easy steps.

1. Revive

Over the years we tend to accumulate many items. Think about your own cupboards. How many items do you have stored out of sight or pushed to the back of shelves because you’ve run out of room? Or lack the design know-how to build eye catching displays?

Our Home Styling service offers a fresh set of eyes and the skills necessary to revive treasured items by sorting them decoratively in your home.

2. Recycle

Our team will also help you recycle items in your home in two ways. Firstly, we will physically help you remove any unwanted items and donate them to local charities. Secondly, we will use our creative flair to cleverly recycle your excessively displayed home décor.

We will help you to style your home recycling room-by-room to create a clutter free and neatly decorated backdrop.

3. Replace

Finally, we can take any styling ideas you have found on social media or in the media and use these as inspiration to transform your home. We will work with you to replace your current method of styling with a new style and feel within your home. You won’t realise your homes potential until it’s done!

Our Home Styling service is a great compliment to your fresh and decluttered home. So, don’t hesitate. Enquire about our service today.

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