Are you moving soon? Maybe you’re renovating? Find out how we can help.

Moving to a new home or renovating your existing space is an exciting time. We also know it can be fraught with decisions and endless to do lists. 

You may be trying to declutter and pack boxes before a big move. Tiptoeing around a bathroom renovation or simply trying to find calm by sorting your home. 

The good news is a one-hour Home Sorted! consultation can help you with this and more. 

Discover your goals

A one-hour session with one of our experienced team members is the perfect way to discover your goals. For argument’s sake, let’s say you’re moving to a new home in exactly one month. 

Your settlement date is fast approaching, and you need to be fully moved out of your rental property the same day. The issue is your home is a mess. You know you should declutter but at the same time you want to fill boxes to the brim and worry about it all at your new home. 

Our consultation will provide you with a space to discuss your goals, troubleshoot your abilities and figure out the ideal decisions for your lifestyle. You could say we provide a helping hand to get you started on your moving or renovating journey. 

We also hope you’ll think twice before stuffing boxes full and leaving them to be worried about later! 

Decide on a strategy 

Every helping hand includes initial sorting advice. Using the scenario outlined above, our team may assist you in devising a strategy for sorting your home before you move. 

You may receive decluttering advice, tips to stay on track, and even practical ways to maximise your floor space once you’re moved into your new home.

Better yet, we can also suggest packages that will help you get the job done with ease. 

Learn about our packages

That’s right – one of the best elements of our one-hour consultation is the option to redeem your $99 fee on one of our popular service packages. 

You may choose to enlist hands-on help to pack up your current home or to create a fresh layout that suits your family’s needs in your new space. The options are endless, but all designed to help you live better. 

Find peace of mind

Finally, our clients all report one thing in common: peace of mind and confidence in knowing that their goals can be achieved.

Whether it’s a beautifully sorted new home or a space to live better while renovating – we want to remind you that it is always possible. 

What’s next?

If you’re in the planning stages of moving or renovating, there is never a better time to sign up for a one-hour consultation. 

To get started today, simply visit: https://homesorted.com.au/book-a-consultation/ 

We’re eager and ready to help!

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