My Home Sorted!

A Simple & Effective DIY Guide To Organising Your Home

My Home Sorted!

DIY Online Course

Under pressure?

Not enough hours in the day?

Let’s face it – we all lead hectic lives!

When was the last time you felt you had spare time to read to your children or spend a quiet evening with your partner? When did you last have time for yourself?

Most of our stress comes from our busy lifestyles. We over commit, and usually find ourselves overwhelmed. Our home is our sanctuary and a place to unwind, entertain and to really be ourselves. Therefore when the house is disorganised, we too feel disorganised, and find it difficult to unwind.

A Simple & Effective Solution

My Home Sorted! DIY course, is all about offering you simple, effective steps to organising your home and therefore your life. You will be amazed at how much free time and space you will have when you follow this step-by-step guide.

Picture This...

Not So Sorted!

You’re looking forward to the weekend, and to unwinding after what has been a very long work week. You commence to plan your outings, catch ups and shopping trips, only to find that you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of the disorganisation within your home. 

How can you possibly feel relaxed, knowing that Monday morning you’re back at work, you’ll be time poor and feeling unsettled that you’ve spent no time sorting your home, which in turn calms your mind.

Let’s help you to make your home layout simply sorted!

Picture This...

The Ultimate Home

The weekend has arrived, you’re tired but ready to unwind. You have peace of mind that your home is well sorted, providing a clear space to enjoy and free time to spend on the things that are important to you.

Your well sorted home allows you to feel in control and offers the freedom to relax and to feel at ease. Your routine will be enjoyable, and your mind will also be free of clutter.

What is Included?

My Home Sorted! Course

Our Home Sorted! course is and easy to follow guide. One that you can re-do over and over at your own pace


Structured Guides

Essential Steps

Room Tips

Easy to Apply


My Home Sorted!

We have been sorting homes since 2002, and we have years of experience working with clients. We’ve helped them to achieve their goal of living in a well functioning, clutter free home.

Every home we have sorted has been unique, and every client has their own story. We know homes, some have lots of storage and some have almost none.

We are the experts in home organisation, and are also realistic about living in a well organised home. Not every home is Pinterest worthy, but every home is worthy of structure and systems, so that you can enjoy them and function better.

My Home Sorted! has been created to provide a practical DIY guide, and support to ensure you have a well organised home on a regular basis.

You will make best use of your space, find things when you need them, and enjoy your spare time

What do You Get?

Your Home Sorted!

A simple and effective DIY guide that provides you with the freedom to enjoy your space and your time. 


Free Time

Peace of Mind





Organising your home will be rewarding in more ways than one. When you are living in a clutter-free home, you will feel refreshed and revitalised, and have more time for life …

Home Sorted = Life sorted!

Home Sorted!

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