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Life is busy! We rush, we work, we procrastinate, and we often share our home with others.

As much as we try not to let it happen, more than likely we tend to build up lots of clutter along the way!

Years of memories, endless filing, and lots of stuff we don’t really need literally take over our home…and our relaxation time.

Living with excessive clutter can be overwhelming, we often find it hard to know where to even start.

A few short hours a month spent with your dedicated Professional Organiser will keep your home and life sorted!

Your Clutter

What is it Costing You?

Your Relaxation?

Your Car Space?

Free Yourself from Clutter!
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Our Process to Get You Sorted!


Select your

Preferred Hours

To Start Your Sorting Journey 


Receive a 

Discovery Call

So That We Understand Your Needs


We Visit

Your Home

To Conduct a 1 Hour Consultation*


We Keep 

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Sorted on a Regular Basis

Home Sorting

Subscription Packages


Choose your preferred hours based on how many hours of assistance you require at home. 

Upon making your selection we will contact you to arrange for your full one hour home consultation.


$129 /Fortnight*

4 Hours

Per Month
  • SIMPLIFY Subscription
  • 4 Hours of Home Sorting EVERY Month
  • 1 Hour Initial Home Consultation (Value $99)
  • My Home Sorted! DIY Course (Value $249)
  • FaceBook Group Access
  • 10% off Flexi Hourly Packages
$159 /Fortnight*

6 Hours

Per Month
  • SERENITY Subscription
  • 6 Hours of Home Sorting EVERY Month
  • 1 Hour Initial Home Consultation (Value $99)
  • My Home Sorted! DIY Course (Value $249)
  • FaceBook Group Access
  • 15% off Flexi Hourly Packages

*Plus GST. Min 6 Month Subscription. One Month FREE Trial Available for a LIMITED time only. Available to all new and existing clients!

18 Years Experience

Fully Insured

Local Assistance

Full Police Checks

Working with Children

Friendly & Trustworthy

Added Bonus

Flexi Hour Packages

We can also kickstart your home organisation, with a discount of either *5%, 10% or 15% off our Flexi Hourly Packages

*Discount applicable subject to your chosen subscription service.

Added Bonus

My Home Sorted! Course


Our Home Sorted! DIY Course consisting of modules all dedicated to sorting each room of your home, including the garage. 

Our course consists of step by step tips on how to sort all areas of your home, complete with a full section dedicated to keeping your home well maintained on a daily basis.


Have A Questions?

Our subscriptions are designed to help you to get your home sorted, and to keep it sorted on a regular basis.

Upon subscribing, you will receive exclusive access to our My Home Sorted! DIY course, and you will learn how to sort your home at your own pace.

We then offer extra assistance, and one on one help according to your subscription selection.

Yes you may, our course is designed to guide you, and offers all of the tips and advice required to sort every room of your home. However, you will not have access to our add on features that include regular fresh tips, as well as live and hands on personalised assistance. 

Regardless of which subscription you choose, you can simply increase or decrease your preferred subscription at any time, You’ll just need to be subscribed to any given subscription for a minimum period of 1 month to ensure you receive your full benefits.

Home Sorted!

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