My Home Sorted!

Online Workshops

Interactive workshops to assist you to live clutter free

What is a Home Sorted! Workshop?

A Sorting Starting Point

Our workshop will help you to sort any room of your home, with our guidance and assistance.

You’re probably frustrated with your clutter, but have no idea where to start. If that’s the case the you’re definitely not alone. We’ve created a business helping people to live clutter free. It would be great to service all homes Australia wide, but it’s geographically impossible. Hence why we’ve created these live and interactive workshops! 

Since we’re the industry experts, we’ll give you the tools to DIY, and be here to support your journey.

Our Workshops offer you an opportunity to not only learn how to live clutter free, but also to help you to create your own action plan with our guidance in order to remove your mess, and therefore your stress.

What will I Learn?

How to Live Clutter Free

During our 2 Hour Online Workshop you will learn;

How to Sort

In a Pratical Manner

Adaptable Guidance

For Any Sized Home

Room Specific

Step by Step Tips

One Page Action Plan

To Ensure it Gets Done

Time Management Skills

To Finally Enjoy Your Spare Time

How To Maintain

Your Neatly Sorted Home

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My Home Sorted!

Online Workshops for Any Room of Your Home
  • 2 Hour Online Workshop
  • Live Master Classes Hosted by Nina
  • Individual Room Guidance
  • Action Plan Creation
  • Be Guided by a Professional Organiser

When are the Workshops?

Our Dates

March Workshops are filling quickly. Simply select your preferred date via your enrolment form.

My Home Sorted! Workshop

Wednesday, April 20th @7:30pm

My Home Sorted! Workshop

Friday, April 29th @11:00am

"I can now see clearly what I need to do to get my home in order. What appeared to be a huge task, has now become more manageable. Thanks for the tips, I'm looking forward to getting starting and to applying all that I've learnt. "
Erica Walsh

18 Years Experience

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