My Home Sorted!

Finally, an affordable regular home sorting service

My Home Sorted!

Subscription Packages

Our exclusive Home Sorted! subscription packages are designed for you to create a simple and effective layout within your home.

You can do it all yourself with our tools and course, or with a little help from us. You will feel more relaxed and enjoy your clutter free home…all year round!

Starter Subscription



per mth + *sign up fee

Total Monthly Value: $49.95

Simplify Subscription​



per mth + *sign up fee

Total Monthly Value: $149.95

Serenity Subscription​



per mth + *sign up fee

Total Monthly Value: $389.95


*Sign Up Fee $199.00. My Home Sorted! RRP Value $249.00

*Monthly instalments, with a 3 month minimum subscription upon sign up.


My Home Sorted! DIY Course, is included with all home sorting subscription services (RRP $249.00)

My Home Sorted!

Course Content

We kickstart your home organisation, with a discount of either *5%, 10% or 15% off all of our Flexi Hourly Packages

6 Hour Package

Flexi Hours


Ideal for a quick spruce
up of key areas.

12 Hour Package

Flexi Hours


Home refresh with special focus on clutter prone areas.

24 Hour Package

Flexi Hours


Regular upkeep to keep your home sorted regularly.

*Discount applicable subject to your chosen subscription service.

Please note: Full RRP is $120 per hour, as a subscriber your further discount will be applied.


Have A Questions?

Our subscriptions are designed to help you to get your home sorted, and to keep it sorted on a regular basis.

Upon subscribing, you will receive exclusive access to our My Home Sorted! DIY course, and you will learn how to sort your home at your own pace.

We then offer extra assistance, and one on one help according to your subscription selection.

Yes you may, our course is designed to guide you, and offers all of the tips and advice required to sort every room of your home. However, you will not have access to our add on features that include regular fresh tips, as well as live and hands on personalised assistance. 

Regardless of which subscription you choose, you can simply increase or decrease your preferred subscription at any time, You’ll just need to be subscribed to any given subscription for a period of 3 months to ensure you receive your full benefits.


Home Sorted!

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