Do you have a sorted home?

When you look around your home and see mess or clutter, it’s sometimes easier just to walk away. You may feel frustrated towards your clutter. You may also view the organising process as difficult, especially for NDIS participants. We hear you. 

But we also want to ask if you’ve ever experienced the benefits of a sorted home. While it may take some work to get there, there are a lot of benefits waiting for you! 

You’ll save time

Imagine getting ready each morning. You know where to find every item of clothing you require, your kitchen pantry is so sorted that preparing breakfast takes no time at all, and better yet, because you’re not wasting time frantically searching for things you have time to sit and enjoy a cuppa with your breakfast. 

You’ll save money

Have you ever had to purchase a new item because you couldn’t find the one you already have? We’ve all been there and let us tell you – it’s a time and money waste! By knowing where everything is kept in your home, you’ll no longer have to face this dilemma. 

Your mind will feel calmer

Feeling comfortable at home is a high priority for NDIS participants. But did you know a sorted home is also proven to make you feel calmer and lower stress levels? Well, it sure does. When your mind feels calmer, you’re able to enjoy your days better. Gone will be worries of finding items when you need them. And another bonus is that you’re also likely to sleep better too. 

If you’re not already convinced of the benefits of a sorted home… Well, we’ve got a few more up our sleeve! 

You’ll have more time for yourself

You know how you’re saving time, well this directly translates into more time for yourself.  Maybe you have a hobby that keeps getting pushed aside or you would like to start a new one. You may wish to spend extra time catching up with friends, learning a skill or simply appreciating your sorted home.

How you spend the time you gain is your choice. But if you ask us, not many people will say no to extra hours in their day! 

You may even feel happier 

Finally, a sorted home is bound to make you feel happier! You may be inspired to have friends and family visit more often or you simply may enjoy relaxing in the space yourself. What is certain is that life improves when you’re not surrounded by clutter or disarray and it’s something we hope all NDIS participants can experience. 

What’s next?

If you’re ready to experience how it feels to live in a sorted home, we’re here to help. Home Sorted! are proud to offer a range of services for NDIS clients – all wrapped up in a simple subscription model. 

That’s right, our team can help you experience the wonders of living in a sorted home, and you don’t have to fret about doing the organising to get yourself there. 

To learn more about our NDIS services, click here.

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