Could you use our help?

It’s no secret that most of us have trouble with home organisation. Our homes are often filled with household items we no longer need and the idea of living well can seem out of reach. 

We understand that it can seem even further from reach for our NDIS clients – but it doesn’t have to be this way. Here, we outline how our NDIS services can help you live better within the comfort of your own sorted home. 

You’re tired of living in chaos 

You’re getting ready to attend an appointment when panic starts to take over. You need to leave your home in five minutes, but you can’t find the pair of shoes you planned on wearing and you’re still searching your kitchen cupboards for a water bottle to carry with you. Everywhere you turn you’re confronted with chaos and clutter. 


Our unique NDIS Services can be applied to home decluttering, room organising and storage solutions. We can help you sort your layout, get rid of mess (and clutter) and create a functional space – where everything has a place AND you know where to find what you need.  

You’re unsure how to stay sorted 

Now that your home has been organised it should make living a breeze. Wrong! You continue to go about your day-to-day tasks without a care in the world or a second thought as to how you will maintain your sorted home. 


Once your home has been sorted your attention should move to home maintenance, along with daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning. But we know it doesn’t always happen this way! Which is where our NDIS Services can help. 

Designed as simple subscriptions, our unique assistance packages can help you learn how to maintain your home, where items belong and what you can do to continue to live in a sorted environment. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

You require a helping hand to live better 

A close friend asks you what your goal in life is and you respond, “to live better”. You know you want to live your best life possible – but deep down you’re unsure what this looks like or how it can be achieved. You wish there was a way to have a helping hand… 


Living better looks different to everyone but there are common themes we all can benefit from. Our NDIS Services are designed to offer a helping hand across home organising, home maintenance, and even meal planning and online shopping. That’s right – our team have you covered from all perspectives, so all you need to do is figure out your goals and we’ll be there to help. 

What’s next? 

Now that you understand how our NDIS services can assist, it’s time to decide if we’re right for you. To find out more please visit: https://homesorted.com.au/ndis/

You’re only one decision away from better living. 

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