Could you use a helping hand for household tasks?

We take our daily activities for granted until they become difficult to maintain. 

However, living an ordinary life should be attainable for all. Which is why, we’re encouraging you to leave your household tasks to the experts. 

Doing so will decrease worry or stress you have around not being able to complete everyday tasks, allow you to live in a home that suits your lifestyle and individual needs and give you confidence to stay connected to your social circle and loved ones. 

How can we help? 

We understand that NDIS participants want to live comfortably within their own homes and achieving this requires a personalised approach. This is why we have created a unique assistance service designed to enable better living.  

If you’re living independently and are looking for a helping hand, our areas of assistance include:

1. Sorting 

We can help you achieve a practical living space by decluttering your home and sorting your belongings. This means you won’t struggle to find or reach items when you need them. Nor will you have difficulty navigating your home. We work with you to devise a practical layout that is accessible and allows you to continue to thrive within your home environment. 

2. Cleaning 

A clean living environment is imperative for our health, both physical and mental. If you are unable to keep up with daily, weekly or monthly cleaning tasks – we are here to assist. Our passionate team can ensure that your home feels inviting, clean and fresh and that you no longer need to dwell on tasks that you can no longer complete yourself. 

3. Meal Planning

Once you have your home sorted, it’s time to focus on your internal health. This includes maintaining a nutritious intake filled with meals that feed your body and soul. Our unique services can assist you with meal planning, writing shopping lists and ordering groceries online. Would this help you streamline your health and keep you functioning at an optimal level? 

4. Gardening Services

If activities such as pushing a mower or weeding your garden have become difficult, let us take care of it for you. We offer basic gardening services designed to keep the outside areas of your home in tip top shape. You may feel this is an area that doesn’t need your attention but having a space outdoors to soak in sunshine or read a relaxing book is vital for our overall health and wellbeing. More so, those of us who are house proud understand the need to keep up tasks inside and outside of the home no matter your ability. 

What’s next? 

Our NDIS services are accessible via simple subscriptions. We apply a reduced rate to our NDIS registered participants and offer a regular booking system that allows us to assist our clients at the same time, on the same day every week.  

To learn more or subscribe now, please visit: www.homesorted.com.au/ndis/ 

We look forward to helping you live better. 

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