Live your best life with our NDIS Services.

At Home Sorted! we believe that everyone deserves to live their best life. We understand that it can be difficult to gain confidence and independence if your home doesn’t best represent you or your needs. But this is where we can help!

Keep reading as we share how weekly support could be the helping hand that you’re looking for. 

How can our NDIS Services assist you?

Our NDIS Services are designed to assist a wide range of needs. You may be living alone and need a helping hand to complete tasks that are simply out of reach, or require assistance ensuring that your home is set up without hazards and in a way that allows you to enjoy and relax each and every day. 

Wondering what common scenarios may look like? Look no further… 

You may struggle to locate items within your home. 

You may have rooms filled with clutter that could be better used – the room and the cluttered items! 

You may need assistance devising a practical layout for your home. 

You may have trouble keeping your home clean. 

You may wish you had a sorted pantry or wardrobe to save time each day. 

You may need assistance planning meals or with online shopping. 

You may not be able to complete minor home improvements like you used to. 

You may simply be looking for regular hands on help! 

How do our simple subscriptions work? 

Our simple subscriptions take the guesswork out of home assistance for NDIS clients. We offer two, four or six hours of weekly support, scheduled at the same time, on the same day, with the same staff member.

That’s right – our system ensures you can build rapport and feel comfortable at all times. So just what does each subscription involve? 

2 Hours Weekly Support

Our Simple Support package has been designed for those who only require a small amount of support. With two hours per week, you can achieve home decluttering, home cleaning, and even meal planning. Imagine the stress that would be taken off your shoulders with this extra help! 

4 Hours Weekly Support

Our Structured Support package provides you with four hours of support per week. Levelling up from the Simple Support package our staff will have more time to dedicate to supporting your needs. Extra services include helping you plan meals each week or completing online shopping for you. You’ll save time not having to worry about what’s for dinner each evening! 

6 Hours Weekly Support

Our Super Support package is the highest level of package available and is delivered over six hours each week. Just think about how much support you can receive across six hours. Along with the services outlined above, the Super Support package also adds minor home improvements to the list, meaning you’ll have a helping hand for almost any issue that arises. 

What’s next? 

If you’re ready to live better and get your household tasks sorted, we’re excited to help!

Simply contact us today or sign up by to one of our simple subscriptions by visiting: 


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