new year's

Every year January arrives with the best intentions.

Whether you’re resolving to lose weight, read more books, or spend quality time with your family – we’re all familiar with new year’s resolutions.

But what about your home? Have you ever considered that the very roof you live under could benefit from new year’s resolutions as well?

It’s true! We’re here to enlighten you with our latest blog. Go on, nothing can stop you from succeeding now.

You want to get organised

There can be no excuses with this one. If your home is cluttered or disorganised now is the time to change.

It’s very easy to find excuses why you shouldn’t declutter or remove items from your life.

I don’t have the time. I might wear this dress again. These toys are symbolic of my kid’s childhood – I couldn’t possibly throw them away!

Sound familiar?

If you want to get organised, you need to get tough on yourself and your excuses. Resolve to declutter one room for each calendar month. This gives you 12 months to tackle the task and will show you clear progression along the way.

If you only make one home resolution for 2019, make it this one!

You can save money

How much money are you throwing away by being careless in the home? The number one culprit for extra costs is energy usage and it’s easy to see why.

Heating and cooling systems are notorious for wasting energy by leaking heating and cooling air through holes and loose connections. Save dollars by sealing and insulating your ductwork in the opposite seasons of use.

You can also turn appliances off at the power point to save even more energy and money.

You want to be debt free

No one likes being in debt. Grab hold of your finances in 2019 by creating a yearly budget for your home.

Budgets are a fantastic way to curb overspending, plan for upcoming bills such as yearly repairs, and help you get out of any home-related debt you may have already accrued.

Knowing how much you need to have in the ‘kitty’ each year for home costs also allows you to financially plan for the rest of your family’s lifestyle.

Have we inspired you to make new year’s home resolutions this year? We sure hope so!

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