family room

If one room of the home is going to turn into chaos over the festive season, it’s the family room.

Whether it was having guests stay that disrupted your cleaning routine, or your children received new toys and gadgets for Christmas. Chances are, your family room is looking a little worse for wear.

But what can you do?

These post-Christmas family room ideas are perfect for re-organising and sorting to ensure you start the year fresh.

Spend an afternoon de-cluttering

The best way to start is to head into the family room with a garbage bag in and start de-cluttering. Remove any newspapers or magazines that are dated, along with rubbish and miscellaneous items that have taken up residence in your family room.

Find a home for new items

If Christmas brought new items into your family room that are going to stay, now is the time to find these items a home.

Consider de-cluttering bookshelves and removing items you no longer feel attached to, to make room for new items.

If your children received toys or games for Christmas, consider crafting a kid’s corner where you store all their belongings in large tubs or baskets. Baskets can look fantastic in any family room and are an easy way to toss everything into one place at the end of the day.

Keep gaming consoles out of sight

Gaming consoles are pretty common these days – but along with the console comes a number of cables, cords and game cases to name a few. Keep consoles out of sight by storing them inside your entertainment unit.

If you have bookshelves, consider drilling a hole in the back to feed cords through to keep them sorted.

You can also downsize game cases by storing the discs in a CD folder or binder.

As more people turn to online streaming services like Netflix, CD folders are a great way to store DVDs that may be starting to collect dust in your family room. `

Dedicate five minutes a night to maintenance

It really is an easy solution – spend five minutes at the end of each day maintaining your family room, to keep your home sorted and remove disorder from your life.

Sounds good, right? It’s time to make your post-Christmas family room sorted again!

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