preparing your home

It’s not vital that you prepare your home for spring cleaning, but it can make the whole process run smoother.

Below we outline one method of organising your home for a thorough spring clean.

Stock up on cleaning supplies

Prior to starting any cleaning it’s ideal to make a trip to the supermarket for cleaning supplies. Don’t hold back. The last thing you want to happen whilst cleaning is to run out of cleaning supplies mid-clean.

Stock up on:

This list is not all-inclusive and varies depending on your home and areas being cleaned. Also ensure you have cleaning tools on hand and ready to go.

These include:

Make a list of items to be repaired or replaced

Do a quick walk around your home – inside and outside – and make note of anything that needs to be repaired or replaced. Use this list as a reference tool for purchasing supplies and as a checklist during spring cleaning. 

Remove the clutter

If possible, spend a weekend prior to your big clean de-cluttering your home. Arm yourself with a garbage bag and work from room to room removing any surface clutter you see. This includes: magazines; newspapers; empty food packets; empty toiletry bottles; letters; junk mail; and general accumulated clutter.

Book servicing appointments

Not everything in the home can be cleaned without the assistance of professionals. We’d love to try, but for systems such as heating and air conditioning it’s important to book an appointment with service professionals. If you wish to have these cleaned during your weekend (or two weekends) of spring cleaning, call up and make your appointments in advance. You don’t want to clean your home and then have tradespeople entering afterwards.

Do small tasks

To save time during your spring cleaning, complete small tasks in advance. Not only does this give you an edge and a head start, it can bring peace of mind knowing you haven’t neglected these tasks once again.

These tasks include:

How do you prepare for spring cleaning?