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In an industry where we are constantly learning, it can be difficult to do it all alone!

We are Home Sorted! with over 18 year of experience of sorting peoples homes. We love to help people, and have created a self paced learning course designed to assist you to expand your Professional and Personal Development skills.

We’re providing you an opportunity to learn more about a career as Professional Organiser, complete with potential local job opportunities with paid work, and a place to grow your skills.

At the end of each learning module, you’ll complete an optional assignment. The assignments are designed for you to create your own personalised full business plan. The more you learn & apply, the more successful your business will be!

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Everything you need to know to about how to run your Professional Organising business, and to turn your passion into an income.

Turn Your Hobby into an Income

Why This Course?


When considering a career change, you need to look within yourself, and understand your passion. As we are all aware, most of us work more hours in a week than we spend relaxing! 

Finding a career that allows you to be rewarded for a job you love can be very difficult. We can honestly say that if you love to sort your own home, then you’ll thrive in a career as a Professional Home Organiser.


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In line with our Professional Organising Sorted! Course we also offer added Business Building bonuses.

Our Courses

To ensure that we can assist each student with personalised business planning, we have a limited number of participants per course.

June 15th

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Professional Organising

Online Course with Live Interactive Classes
  • Professional Organising Sorted! Course
  • One Day Mentored Course
  • Live Master Classes Hosted by Nina
  • Full Assignment Reviews
  • 2 Hour One on One Personalised Business Planning Session with Nina
  • Business Plan Creation
  • Business Forum Access with 100s of Topics offering Business Tips & Advice
  • Join Our Community of Fellow Professional Organisers


Have Questions?

You can become a Professional Organiser without any pre qualifications or education. All you need is great organising skills and a genuine approach to helping others!

However, there is a lot to learn about running a business. This course will provide all you need to be a success.

Your career as a Professional Organiser is extremely colourful 🙂 Each day provides a new opportunity to help someone to live better, to support them, and most importantly to guide them on how to maintain their neatly sorted home on a regular basis. 

We offer six learning modules covering a range of topics. You’ll receive personalised support, interactive support via our business forum, and an opportunity to learn more via our optional Mentoring Workshops.

Within our industry you’ll obviously be applying hands on decluttering or packing services, and will need to be naturally organised. However you’ll also need to be an active listener and a great communicator to fully assist your clients.

Home Sorted!

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