too much stuff

Have you ever stopped and thought about how much stuff you own? Not the items that you use every day, but the other miscellaneous stuff that could be cluttering your life.

Maybe it’s your wardrobe that’s the problem. Or perhaps you’re obsessed with buying mugs and teacups. No matter the problem area, the simple realisation can be mighty powerful!

Keep reading as we share our tips for dealing with excess clutter!

Learn the motto Home Sorted = Life Sorted

Chances are, the more items you have in your home, the less organised you feel. Here at Home Sorted we believe that a sorted home leads to a sorted life – and isn’t that something we all should aspire to?

Don’t leave sorting to chance – plan for it

We totally understand that decluttering and sorting the home can be stressful experience.

A great idea is sitting down with a friend or family member and devising a plan for tackling the excess clutter.

This can be as simple as running through a checklist to ensure you have all the cleaning and organising tools you need, to figuring out which rooms in your home need the most urgent attention.

Fill a box and forget about it

For some people, getting rid of extra items can be very difficult. You may be reluctant to get rid of items in case you need them someday or you could be holding onto others for sentimental reasons.

In this instance we recommend getting yourself a big box and filling it right up. Place any item that you’re unsure about removing into the box and tape it shut. Mark the date clearly on the outside of the box and stash it away out of sight.

After twelve months, if you haven’t opened the box once, it’s time for it (and all its contents) to go!

Remember that clutter doesn’t bring happiness

Are you one of the many people who believe that new items will bring happiness? This eternal pursuit can often be someone’s downfall when it comes to getting organised. It can be a hard task, but re-learning that having less items = a simpler and happier life, could actually be the final key in reducing your pile of too much stuff.

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