Could your home use a refresh?

As we get closer to the end of the year, it’s time to reflect on your home, the clutter you grew or removed, and what changes you’d like to make for the year ahead. 

This is especially true for NDIS clients who may require new assistance or need a refresh for their home. Let’s discuss… 

Refresh your layout

How do you feel when you move around your home? Can you move easily from room to room or are you faced with hazards along the way? Our NDIS services can ensure that you are able to live your best life by creating a layout that suits your home, your lifestyle, and your needs. 

Refresh your clutter

Clutter has the uncanny ability to creep up on us – especially when we’re not looking. One day your coffee table may be clear and sorted, and the next it’s suddenly covered with junk mail, coffee cups and books you should read but probably won’t. 

Now imagine if you had a helping hand to get on top of your clutter. Someone to help you remove what you don’t need and find a home for what you do…which brings us to our next point. 

Refresh your storage solutions

Our NDIS services are perfect for those who need to refresh their storage solutions. It could be your wardrobe or your pantry that is causing issues – in fact, it could be any area of your home! 

Our professional organisers are passionate about helping people to live better, and this means helping NDIS clients to refresh their home as needed. With their help you can be finding items when you need them and loving your well sorted home. 

Refresh your approach to meal planning

Our team also understand the importance of meal planning and eating a nutritious diet – something we can also help you refresh! Whether we’re helping you to plan a menu that you’ll love or helping you to shop for groceries online, you can rest assured knowing your best interests are at the core of everything we do. 

Have we convinced you yet? 

What’s next? 

Home Sorted! offer simple and convenient NDIS services. Our professional organisers are skilled in helping you live better with support available on a simple subscription model. 

Better yet, all our subscriptions offer a regular booking system that allows us to assist our clients at the same time, on the same day every week. Just like a good friend – you’ll always know who to expect and when to expect them. 

To find out more or secure your subscription, visit our NDIS webpage here

You can rely on Home Sorted! for a helping hand to refresh your home. 

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