There is something magical about opening your fridge door. You’re greeted with a beacon of light and immense optimism about cooking up a delicious meal to feed your hungry belly.


The last thing you want to encounter is disorganisation when preparing food.

Keeping your fridge neat makes it super easy to grab the items you desire, and helps youkeep track of what needs to go on the shopping list.

These are our top tips for keeping food fresh and your refrigerator organised.

  1. Label everything

Everything in your fridge should have it’s own place. By giving different foods their own spot – and consistently putting them back in this spot – it makes it easy to see what you have in stock and what is running out.

Labelling these areas of the fridge also makes it easier for everyone to remember where things belong and you can even turn labelling the fridge into a game for kids.

  1. Use glass containers

How often do you cook too much or order excessive takeaway and forget about the leftovers in the fridge?

To stop this waste, use glass containers to store your leftovers. Seeing what’s in the fridge helps you eat them up quicker.

  1. Don’t mix food groups

By separating your fruit, vegetables and meat into different compartments of the fridge you reduce the risk of contamination that can lead to food rotting.

Also, store meat and seafood on the bottom shelf to stop it from dripping onto other food and causing spoilage.

Less waste is not only great for the environment it’s friendly on the wallet too.

  1. Keep dairy out of the door

Did you know that opening and shutting the fridge door fluctuates the temperature inside the door compartments? This can make dairy products go off faster than other areas of the fridge.

Always store your milk on the middle shelf.

  1. Rotate your fridge

Get into the habit of rotating older food to the front of the fridge whilst you write your shopping list.

Not only will you potentially uncover some hidden gems, you’ll save yourself time when putting the shopping away. After all, no one wants to sort their old food from their fresh food with a bench full of groceries.


Who’s organising their refrigerator tonight?

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