accessory storage

Accessory storage can be an uphill battle. If you and your family (or the client’s home your organising) are like most, the sheer number of shoes, school bags, scarves, and hats that accumulate around the house is a nightmare.

Luckily, there are plenty of savvy ways to enhance accessory storage. Read on!

Consider the best spot to keep your shoes

We often have an automatic notion in our minds of where shoes should live. This may be from habit or what you learnt growing up. If you have a great system in place, congratulations! If not, the first step is to consider the best spot to keep your shoes.

This may be by the front door, outside the back door, inside the wardrobe, or even inside of your child’s sporting bag.

Consider where you get dressed of a morning. Where you use the shoes. If you allow shoes inside the house or not. These questions will aid you in deciphering the best spot within the home to keep shoes.

Get yourself a shoe rack

Once you’ve determined the best spot to keep your shoes, you MUST get yourself a shoe rack. These are indispensable when it comes to maximising storage potential.

Alternatively, if you have lots of high heels we are fond of clear plastic shoe boxes stacked in a neat pile. These boxes make it super easy to find the shoes you’re searching for.

Utilise jewellery stands where possible

Jewellery stands are often overlooked, but they shouldn’t be. Do you find yourself trying to untangle necklaces and bracelets when getting ready? Can you never locate two matching earrings? Jewellery stands turn these questions into a thing of the past.

A DIY alternative is using a pin board and pins to create your own jewellery sorting system.

Hang items inside of your wardrobe doors

Depending on the kinds of accessories you have, the inside of wardrobe doors is often untapped space. Consider hanging storage bags inside the doors for small accessory storage. Scarves and hair accessories are perfect for this kind of storage.

Always use drawer dividers for great accessory storage

When utilising drawers for accessory storage you’ll want to take advantage of drawer dividers. These beauties help to keep everything sorted, neat, tidy, organised and simply pleasant to look at.

Are you ready to sort your shoes and accessories?

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