smart storage
We’re going to go out on a limb here and just say it – kids are messy!

Toy storage can be a smart way to encourage your children to be a little tidier and save you some much needed stress in the long run.

Cube storage for those with lots of books

Cube storage systems are a fantastic toy or book storage area. You can use the cubes with or without baskets to keep items looking neat and tidy. For younger kids we recommend using baskets and encouraging them to pull the basket out and toss all their toys back in once they’re done playing. The earlier you instil these good, cleaning-up habits onto your children the easier your life will become. We sure like the sound of that!

Pull out trays for beneath beds

If your children are lucky enough to have a bed with a decent amount of under bed storage potential, consider purchasing some under bed trays or flat plastic containers. As these are low to the ground your children can access them without your assistance. They can simply pull them out when they want to use their toys, throw the toys back in and push them under their bed again. The whole process is pretty simple!

Add colour to their bedroom with coloured baskets

We love using baskets of all shapes and sizes to organise just about anything. Kids toys are no exception. Coloured wire baskets can look great when clustered together, think red, blue, green and yellow, and divided between different toy types. Just save these for bigger toys such as soft animals and dolls. Small toys like matchbox cars will most likely slip through the sides of the basket taking you back to square one with toy storage and messy kids!

Wooden toy boxes of yesteryear

There is no denying the power of a traditional wooden toy box. They’re large enough to hold an abundance of toys, they can be painted to match your child’s bedroom décor and they’re so sturdy that young kids won’t be able to tip them over onto themselves. I’m sure you can remember a wooden toy box that you had as a child – there a timeless item of yesteryear.

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