With Christmas done and dusted, it’s time to learn how to best sort your Christmas decorations so they stay like new for years to come.

There’s going to be no broken baubles here!

Create a storage system

We recommend starting by creating a storage system for your Christmas decorations. This should be a system that you know you’ll actually use – and one that’s appropriate for the size of your decoration collection.

Large plastic tubs are ideal as they can be divided with additional storage measures. Choose tubs that are air-tight as these will serve to protect your decorations from dust and mould too. They can also be stacked in an area of your home or garage for storage.

Use clear snap-lock bags

A great way to divide these plastic tubs is to separate your Christmas decorations into large clear snap-lock bags. You can choose to separate your decorations by size, colour or type.

If they’re particularly fragile or breakable – stay tuned, we’ll get to these soon!

Wrap Christmas lights around cardboard

Keep Christmas lights from getting tangled by wrapping them around sticks of cardboard. These can be cut to size, depending on the length of your lights.

Don’t let the end of the string get lost by tapping it to the cardboard stick with some masking tape.

Use egg cartons or shoe boxes to protect baubles

Fragile baubles and decorations shouldn’t be tossed into storage boxes without precautions. We recommend using egg cartons for smaller baubles and shoe boxes for larger ones.

You can line both of these with tissue paper or bubble wrap for added protection. Once filled, stack inside your large plastic tubs.

Remember to ensure that your tubs are filled to the top. If items are bouncing around they won’t be properly protected, and your chance of broke baubles will increase.

Cling wrap your tree

There is nothing harder than wrangling an artificial Christmas tree back into its box. Use cling wrap or a couple of belts to constrain the tree into smaller sections. This will allow for easy storage and next year when you take it out of the box – simply fluff out the greenery!

Doesn’t that sound simple?

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