Do you have a love hate relationships with Christmas decorations?

You love the way they look in your home during the holidays, but you hate sorting and storing them?

If you’re sitting there nodding in agreeance, then this is the blog for you. Keep reading as we outline the top ways to get your Christmas decorations sorted once and for all.

Create a system that allows you to store everything together

One of the common complaints we hear about sorting Christmas decorations is that people have them stored all over their homes. Getting organised means creating a system that allows you to store everything together. We recommend using large plastic containers that can be stacked in an area of your home dedicated to storage.

You also don’t have to worry about dust or mould with plastic containers, which makes them great for the home garage.

Also, it’s a great idea to label these containers so you don’t forget what’s being kept inside.

Store tree ornaments in egg cartons

The best, yes, we said best, way to store tree ornaments is by lining one of your plastic containers with egg cartons.

Christmas ornaments are highly breakable and egg cartons allow you to store each ornament in a separate spot, keeping them safe 365 days of the year. You can also line the egg cartons with tissue paper for an additional layer of protection.

Wind Christmas lights around cardboard

No one wants to spend hours untangling Christmas lights each holiday season. Avoid this by wrapping them around a section of cardboard as you remove them from your tree and home. This will keep them flat and manageable until next year.

Use hat boxes for Christmas wreaths

Do you have an old hat box lying around the house? Now is the time to repurpose it. Hat boxes are the perfect size and shape for storing Christmas wreaths or other difficultly shaped items.

Use a belt or cling wrap to store your tree

The Christmas tree is often the most difficult item to store, but you can simplify the process with a belt and roll of cling wrap.

Use a belt around the largest part of the tree to cinch it in and then use cling wrap to condense the rest of the tree. Next year all you need to do is slice the cling wrap open and fluff out the branches.