We talk a lot about sorting our wardrobes and ensuring our morning routines are made as simple as possible. But what about our kid’s wardrobes?

These can be full of miscellaneous items, clothing that no longer fits, toys and even spoiled school lunches if you’re not careful.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a handy blog to get your kid’s wardrobe as sorted as your own.

De-clutter bi-annually

Kids grow out of clothes at an alarming rate! Which is why we recommend de-cluttering their wardrobes bi-annually. Get rid of any items that no longer fit, are torn and cannot be mended, or that were gifted by friends and family and your kids simply refuse to wear (we’ve all got a few of these hanging around!).

You can choose to donate these items to friends, family, or charity if they’re too good to simply be sent to landfill.

Dedicate sections

Next up, we recommend dedicating different sections of your kid’s wardrobe to different clothing types. This means creating a section for school uniforms, one for sports uniforms, one for formal/dressy clothes and another for casual wear.

Not only will this make finding the right item at the right time a breeze, but you’ll also know where the washing goes and if something hasn’t made it home from the school yard.

Make it kid-friendly

When deciding how to dedicate sections within the wardrobe, we recommend getting your kid involved to ensure they understand the system and where their clothing will be kept.

At a minimum they should be able to reach and access their everyday items such as school uniforms without having to ask.

You can also choose to use labels to help everyone remember what belongs where within the wardrobe – this is a particularly great tool for drawers.

Do a weekly check

Lastly, we recommend implementing a weekly check of your kid’s wardrobe. This can be done when putting away washing or factored into your kid’s weekly chores if they’re old enough.

This is the perfect time to make sure that all items have been put away properly, that nothing has made its way into the wardrobe that shouldn’t, and that the system is in full use!

How great does that sound?