Most people don’t think twice about their linen cupboard. That is until they’re trying to squish everything in and failing miserably.

Linen cupboards don’t need to be a source of frustration. With a few simple tweaks, even the smallest linen cupboard can be organised to perfection.

Declutter your linen

Step one is to declutter your linen. It’s incredibly easy to forget about all the doona covers and blankets you have stored away. If you don’t think you’ll ever use them again, now is the time to donate to charity or pass along to friends and family.

Divide your cupboard into sections (or shelves)

The easiest way to keep your linen cupboard organised is to divide it into sections or shelves. We recommend using a different shelf, if your linen cupboard has the capacity to do so, for each type of linen.

A great breakdown is outlined below:

Top shelf – linen you only use seasonally. Think heavy blankets you use in winter or spare doonas for when family come to visit.

Ben linen shelf –divide the shelf so each family member has a place for their bed linen or sort via bed size.

Towel shelf – store bath towels, bath mats and hand towels in complete sets. You can also use this shelf to store beach towels.

Miscellaneous linen shelf – this is the perfect space to keep table linen along with miscellaneous items.

Bottom shelf – large items that don’t fit on other shelves. This includes items like your vacuum cleaner, buckets, spare toilet paper etc.

Store sheet sets inside the pillowcase for each set

A great way to ensure sheet sets stay together is to store the complete set inside the matching pillowcase. This way you can stack matching sets on top of each other in your linen cupboard without losing any pieces along the way. It also looks super organised and we love that!

Use labels and storage boxes for each section (or shelf)

Keep your family informed of what belongs where by using labels for each section or shelf inside your linen cupboard. You can also use storage boxes or containers to store smaller items. This can be a particularly great trick for the bottom shelf and miscellaneous items.

Are you ready to get your linen cupboard organised? We sure hope so!