Need a boost to get sorted?

Like many Australians, you may be spending the next handful of weeks in lockdown. Before life returns to normal – use this time to get a head start on your home sorting. 

Why? Let us explain. 

Your home could probably use a refresh 

If you’ve spent weeks or months at home – with the whole family – you’ll probably agree that your home has gotten a little out of hand. From makeshift remote learning setups to working from home desks – we’re certain a refresh could be just what your home needs. 

You’ll want to enjoy family gatherings 

Once normal life resumes the first thing on many people’s lists is seeing family! Whether this is at home or out in public, a sorted home will allow you to prepare for outings or host guests with confidence. Sure, your family won’t judge if your home isn’t looking it’s best, but we know how it feels to live within a sorted home – and trust us, you’ll love it. 

You’ll be out and about socialising 

The same can be said for seeing friends. Social calendars will be booked out as everyone attempts to catch up. Imagine how streamlined the process will become knowing your home is sorted. Your wardrobe is perfectly organised to help you find an outfit and your kitchen is always cleaned, so you don’t come home to mess or chaos.  

The holiday season is fast approaching 

We’re also heading into the festive season – most likely unprepared, rushed, and maybe even stressed! Instead of dreading the holidays, a sorted home allows you to feel ready, calm, and prepared for anything that gets thrown your way. Just another reason to use these final days in lockdown to sort your home. 

How can we help? 

If you’re ready to take the first step in sorting your home, our virtual consultations are the best place to start. Our experienced team members will spend an hour talking to you about your goals and sorting habits, before providing you with initial advice and tips so you can get started on your journey immediately. 

Doesn’t that sound great? 

Better yet, your one-hour consultation fee is fully redeemable off any service package, meaning if you’d like professional help to get the job done – this is achievable and more! 

What’s next? 

To learn more about our virtual consultations and the process involved, please visit: https://homesorted.com.au/book-a-virtual-consultation/ 

No matter what shape your home is in, or what stage of life you’re currently living – our team is ready and willing to help. So go on, use these final weeks in lockdown to achieve the sorted home of your dreams. 

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