home garage

With the weather warming up, it’s time to take your spring organising outside and into your home garage.

Move everything out and declutter

The first step to spring organising your home garage is to move everything out of the space and declutter. If you are holding onto items that you no longer use or ones that are broken, now is the time to move these to the trash.

Also use this as a chance to thoroughly sort through your tool collection. Place aside tools that are missing parts or ones they need to be fixed. If you know that something is not fixable they should be moved to the trash pile too.

Clean the space thoroughly

Before you start moving items back into the home garage, give the space a thorough clean and dust.

It’s also the perfect time to work on cleaning any dirt or grime that may be packed into the garage floor. Do this by spraying the area with a pressure hose (or the strongest attachment you own) and then scrubbing the area with a stiff brush. You will need to use a fair amount of elbow grease to remove tough stains, so don’t be afraid to get the whole family involved. After it’s scrubbed clean, rinse any residue away with the same hose initially used.

Use vertical storage

Now it’s time to get organising. We recommend making the most of your home garage walls by installing vertical storage where possible. This can include floor to ceiling shelves for tools or wall hooks to hang garden tools and machinery such as lawn mowers. The key point here is that you create a home for everything, whilst keeping items out of general walkways.

Create a tool zone

Another great idea is allocating an area of the home garage to tools. This can include a work bench or simply be an area to store tools and equipment.

We love using peg boards to store tools as they allow you to visually see everything you own at any one time – this is also key to knowing when a certain tool has gone missing! A simple trick that is particularly handy if you have small family members with curious minds!

Is your home garage in need of some serious spring organising? We hope this tips help guide the way.

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