We’re back with another dose of spring organising tips – this time we tackle the home garage!

Spring organising the home garage doesn’t need to be difficult. It may seem like a big task, especially with so many tools and extra storage items, but with a few simple strategies you can make the most of your home garage.

Use vertical storage

Our biggest and best tip for home garage storage is to ensure that you’re using as much vertical storage as possible. The wall space in your home garage is valuable real estate so you should be using it to your advantage.

We love floor to ceiling shelves for their endless uses. You can also attach hooks to the walls of your home garage as a way to hang maintenance tools, such as brooms, rakes and wheelbarrows, out of the way.

You can also ensure that you’re keeping dangerous items out of the way of small hands and feet with this tip.

Create a work space

If your home garage doubles as a tool workshop, consider designating an area for tools and setting up a mini workshop.

All you need is a bench and some shelves or cupboard space to ensure your tools are adequately stored.

If you have the space we recommend using a peg board behind the bench to store frequently used items.

Store kids’ items on low shelves

Chances are, if you have children, you’re also going to have a plethora of sporting equipment in your home garage.

We recommend storing these items on low shelves that allow your kids to reach what they need, when they need it. You can also use large plastic containers to keep small items grouped together.

Another great investment are bike racks. There are both grounded and wall options available depending on your home garage set-up.

Only store items you need or will need

It’s very tempting to let your home garage turn into a storage locker for everything that won’t fit in your house – don’t!

Instead, think long and hard about each item and make an evaluated decision as to what you should keep, what should be donated to charity, or thrown away.

Finally, if you are storing lots of sentimental items in your home garage, always ensure that you use air tight containers to keep dust and mould at bay!

Are you ready to tackle your home garage this spring organising season?