kid's bedroom

We’re back with another dose of spring organising tips – this time we show you how to get your kid’s bedroom sorted once and for all.

1. Start by culling excess items

If not looked after on a regular basis your kid’s bedroom can quite frankly, get out of control! From toys, to clothes and school items, kids have an ability to accumulate so many belongings it can be hard to figure out where they all came from!

More so, kids also outgrow things fast!

Start by culling ALL excess items that you know they no longer need. This is also a great opportunity to donate good quality items to charity or pass them along to friends and family members.

2. Ensure you have an organising system

Each area of the bedroom needs an organising system. This includes the wardrobe area, toys and study space.

We love using big plastic containers, baskets or wooden toy boxes for their toys and miscellaneous items. Not only does this ensure you don’t end up with Hot Wheels cars all over their bedroom, but it makes collections of toys easily transportable.

3. Get your kids involved

Chances are your kids have some idea of how their bedroom should look when it’s 100% sorted. A great idea is getting them involved in the spring organising process – not only does this allow them to have their say about where they would like to keep their precious belongings, but it also guarantees they KNOW where everything is.

No more excuses about not being able to put something away because they don’t know where it belongs!

4. Use labels on everything

In our opinion, you can never have too many labels. Especially in your kid’s bedroom. We love using labels inside the wardrobe to indicate where different items belong. The same goes for toys and bookshelves.

Sometimes all it takes is a simple reminder of where something belongs!

Do you have a great way of keeping your kid’s bedroom organised? Or have you given up completely and let them run havoc? Hopefully these tips will help you get your kid’s bedroom spring organised once and for all!

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