When was the last time you gave your kitchen a once over? If you had to think about it, it’s been too long.

So, get comfy as we detail just how to spring organise your kitchen.

Organise the pantry

You simply can’t spring organise your kitchen without first tackling your pantry.

Start by removing any items that are past their best before date, along with foods you know deep down your family will never eat – you can donate these to friends or family if you’re worried about waste.

Next sort perishable items into plastic containers of varying size to ensure they keep longer – and label for ease of use!

We also love sorting foods by type and keeping a section in the pantry designated to snack foods.

Sort your refrigerator

Next up is the refrigerator. Remove all items and give every surface a thorough clean.

When it comes to organising your refrigerator, there are a few simple rules to follow.

Keep fruits and vegetables in separate compartments of your crisper – certain fruits and vegetables can be bad for each other and cause your food to spoil faster if kept together.

Try and store meat on the lower shelves of your refrigerator as this is the coldest area.
And never store dairy products in the refrigerator door. This area should be reserved for items that take the longest amount of time to spoil, like preserves and condiments.

Group like items together

When spring organising your kitchen cupboards, we recommend grouping like items together. This means creating an area for baking goods, storing pots and pans in the one cupboard and so on and so forth!

Cull your cook books

Do you have a large collection of cook books you never use? Consider downsizing your collection by tearing out the recipes you actually use and collating them into a binder folder. You can also choose to make electronic copies if you’d rather read them off of a smart phone or tablet.

Create a cleaning caddy

Most people store a collection of cleaning tools beneath the kitchen sink. Get this area sorted by creating a cleaning caddy that can easily be moved from room to room.

You can use a bucket or ready-made caddy to store items such as all-purpose cleaning sprays, cleaning cloths, and stain removers.

Are you excited to get kitchen sorted?

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