Are you currently stuck at home? It’s time to get sorted.

If you’re yet to catch on, the pandemic has provided many families time to sort their home and start living a clutter free life. 

So much time, so little to do? 

You may have spent many weeks under stay-at-home orders or are experiencing them for the first time. But what remains clear, is that being stuck at home is the perfect time to get sorted.

Try our DIY course

Our My Home Sorted! DIY course has been created to offer room by room assistance with sorting your home. The course is divided into small and practical steps, teaching you how to declutter every area of your home and keep it sorted on a regular basis. 

Think about it for a moment. 

Using our DIY course, you can choose to tackle your entire home (good on you!) or spend an afternoon each week sorting small areas within your home.

One week it could be your wardrobe, the next week your pantry and even your bathroom cabinet the following week! 

You’ll notice how great it is to live in a clutter free home which brings us to our next point. 

Boost your mood at home 

Research tells us that our physical environment has a large impact on our mental wellbeing. And it’s not a coincidence that our motto is less stress = less mess. 

We also know that being stuck at home often means juggling working from home with remote learning and family duties, which can create stress for the most organised and calm individual. But the good news is that a sorted home can help boost your mood – and well, that’s simply another reason to use this time to get sorted! 

Get help from us with our subscription packages

If the thought of DIY sorting your home leaves you filled with dread – don’t despair! We have you sorted with our exclusive Home Sorted! subscription packages.

Depending on the level of subscription, you will receive our My Home Sorted! DIY course, along with virtual or hands on help to ensure your home is transformed into a clutter free oasis. That’s right. If you’re not keen to do it yourself, we can help, and our passionate team of home organisers are excited to do so. 

What’s next? 

Don’t delay! If you’re stuck at home and ready to get rid of your clutter, the time is now.

Find out more about our DIY course here. And discover our subscription packages here.

You’re only holding yourself (and your home) back! 

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