Remote and flexible work has recently had a big moment. Many employers are looking beyond the traditional five-day week and are looking at ways to add more flexible ways of working. 

In short, flexible work empowers you to choose your work hours and where you complete your work. Here at Home Sorted! we understand the value of flexible work and the many advantages it affords. So, let’s discuss… 

No more daily commute 

To start with flexible work gives you more efficient use of your time by removing daily commutes. Whether you spend time in your car or on public transport, this will be replaced by the ability to work from the comfort of your own home or another location of your choosing. 

Increased productivity 

Many people report increases in productivity as the number one factor for flexible work. There are less distractions, meaningless conversations and time wasted. In fact, many flexible workers report being more focused and dedicated to their work which leads us to our next point.

Better job satisfaction

We all know that job satisfaction comes from enjoying what you do, feeling satisfied at the end of each workday, as well as the ability to find balance for other areas of your life. Well, guess what? Flexible work provides all this and more! 

Improved wellness

That’s right, when you engage in flexible work you often find yourself having more time for exercise, family responsibilities and to engage in healthier habits. What this looks like will differ from worker to worker, but it may include enjoying a lunch time walk, being there for school drop-offs, preparing healthier meals at home each day or even the ability to work through minor illnesses from the comfort of your own home – another boost for productivity if you ask us!

Financial savings 

You may also notice an increase in financial savings as a flexible worker. Your commute costs will be removed along with the temptation to visit the café near work each day. You will also be eligible to claim taxable running costs each financial year that remove the certain burdens of working from home or another location. 

If you ask us, the perks are all you need to focus on! 

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Go on, join us for the future of flexible work. 

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