Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll be aware that baskets are having quite a moment.

Not only do they look fantastic around your home, but they’re even more amazing for sorting your hard to organise items. Doesn’t that sound nifty?

Keep reading for our top 10 ways to use baskets around the house.

1. Use baskets as under storage

Baskets are the perfect solution for any area with under storage. This includes beneath the bed, coffee tables and even hallway console tables. You can use under storage to sort any manner of items from shoes to toys and beyond.

2. Sort your pantry snacks

Make your pantry easy to navigate by creating snack baskets for your children. Keep pre-portioned snack foods in baskets to allow your kids a grab and go snack each afternoon.

3. Create a toy basket

Do you have toy clutter in your family room? Dress it up by tossing everything into a basket! Problem solved.

4. Organise your linen cupboard

Linen cupboard organisation is made easy with baskets. Consider sorting linen and towels into separate baskets. You can even designate one to spare toilet rolls.

5. Sort dirty laundry with baskets

Does your laundry system need an overhaul? Consider sorting your dirty laundry with baskets. The natural fibres are great for dirty or soiled clothes and will ensure that damp clothes are able to breathe.

6. Create a recycling system

Jazz up your home office by using a basket for waste paper. Have you ever had a recycling basket that looks that good?

7. Keep hobbies organised

Baskets are a great way to keep hobbies organised and in one place. This also allows you to move items from one room of the home to the next with ease!

8. Use them as drawers on bookshelves

Create an additional storage system by using baskets as drawers on bookshelves. This works particularly well in the home office, family room and kids’ bedrooms.

9. Store shoes near doorways

Do you have a shoe pile near your front door? Place a basket near the front door for your family to toss their shoes in when they remove them. Who knew organisation could be so practical? We did!

10. Decorate the home

Finally, baskets are a great way to spruce up any room of your home. Think outside of the box and you’re sure to come up with a whole host of ideas!

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