If you don’t have the time to spring clean your entire home, you can still get in on the fun.

Pick an area of your home to work on (preferably one that needs the most attention!)  and dedicate your free time to cleaning this area only. Don’t move on to the next area, until you’re 100% satisfied with the first, and so on.


We spend eight hours in our bedrooms every night, so it’s vital to have a clean and organised area to rest within.

You can split the bedroom cleaning into the following categories:



Think of spring cleaning your bathroom, as completing a weekly clean, but with more oomph!

Mould, grime and condensation can wreak havoc on your bathroom walls over winter. Use a hard duty bathroom cleaner, bleach and a scrubbing brush to get in the nitty gritty areas of the bathroom. The more you strip back the grime, the easier your bathroom becomes to maintain.

Living Room

When picking areas of the home to spring clean, take into consideration high traffic areas. These areas are generally the rooms used most frequently and as a result are often the messiest and most unclean. The living room is a classic example that would benefit from a top to bottom clean. Don’t neglect curtains, floors, behind cabinets, beneath couches etc. 


It’s easy to overlook areas to spring clean within the kitchen. Consider this list as a starting point for making your kitchen sparkling.


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