virtual live consultations

As many Australians make the transition to work from home arrangements, Home Sorted! are here to help.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a need for effective work from home spaces that allow workers to stay focused during this difficult time.

For this reason, we’re highlighting our Virtual Live Consultation service and how our skilled professional organisers can assist you in setting up your ideal work from home space.

What is a Virtual Live Consultation?

Virtual Live Consultations are conducted via video chat and follow a simple process.

We work with you to discover what is important to you. With this information we are then able to assist you in creating a space that suits your needs and goals, in turn, creating order with minimal cost and fuss.

How can this service help me?

We understand that setting up a work from home space can be a daunting process – especially if you have never worked from home before.

This is your chance to virtually access our expert advice and methods that are proven to help families get sorted and stay sorted!

As our motto says, Home Sorted = Life Sorted.

Do I really need a work from home space?

It can be tempting to work from your bedroom, the kitchen, the lounge room couch or even outside when the weather permits.

However, a designated work from home space allows you to switch on for the workday and switch off when your shift time is over.

It can also ensure that your family knows when you need to be in ‘work mode’ and when you’re in ‘home mode’.

Better yet, we will help you create a work from home space that works for you, fits within your budget AND utilises the current layout and storage within your home.

How great does that sound?

What are the next steps?

If you’d like to learn more about our Virtual Live Consultation service, please visit www.homesorted.com.au or call 1300 30 11 77.

We’re here to help during this difficult time!

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