Do you know your clutter personality?

Here’s the truth… 1 in 3 Australian families have a problem with clutter, so there is a good chance you could be one of them. 

You may be thinking that clutter is not so bad. Sure, you have a handful of clothes you no longer wear. Or your pantry could use a thorough sorting. But what if we told you learning to live without clutter was your ticket to stress free living? Would you be interested then? 

What is clutter? 

The official dictionary meaning of clutter is a combination of untidy, messy and disorder. You might think of clutter as an untidy collection of things. 

Using the example above, clutter could be clothes piling out of your wardrobe that you no longer wear. The same clothes may stop you from closing your wardrobe doors. Or a pantry filled with food you won’t cook with, no longer need or is past it’s best before date. 

Why is clutter a problem? 

Now that you know what clutter is, it’s time to discuss how clutter is a problem. When your home is filled with clutter, your mind becomes cluttered too. 

Instead of going about your day feeling stress free, you may feel overwhelmed, frustrated, unmotivated, constantly busy, or like you’ll never be able to get on top of your to-do list. 

If you ask us, this is no way to live! 

How can I deal with clutter? 

To successfully rid your home and life of clutter you need to understand how it got this way in the first place. Sounds simple right? 

For some people it’s as easy as realising that their life got suddenly busy, and they started to neglect their home. But other people may need to dig a little deeper, define their personality type and gain an understanding of the traits and habits that have helped build clutter within their home. 

If you fall in the second category, we have the perfect workshop for you! 

Let’s discover your clutter personality type

That’s right. Once you realise that you have a problem with clutter, it’s time to discover your clutter personality type and learn why you simply can’t get motivated. 

Does this sound like you? If so, we encourage you to…

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Our fun and relaxed workshop will uncover your key habits and personality traits and help you to find a solution by changing daily habits for long lasting results. 

Just imagine how you could be enjoying life and feeling more relaxed! 

Secure your spot for our upcoming Clutter Personality Workshop and take the first step towards a clutter and stress-free life. 

See you there! 

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