Why Us?

We'll sort your home, reduce your stress and create a practical, budget friendly home maintenance plan to ensure your clutter never resurfaces.

Sorting Homes & Helping Families Since


Because We Care About

Your Well Being

Our many years of experience has taught us that people need help to create order at home!

This is not because they’re lazy, it’s because they are overwhelmed and are unsure where to even start.

We’ve learnt that the state of someones home can often be a reflection of their mind.

Decluttering is rarely about the clutter, but more about how you’re feeling. 

Life takes us on crazy adventures, and we often lose motivation to complete even the smallest tasks at home. 

Thus resulting in an overly cluttered home with lots of mess, adding lots of extra stress.

Social media is filled with great images of neatly sorted homes…the reality is that it’s more about progress than perfection when sorting your home!

We help our clients to realistically sort their home creating order with the space, and items they have on hand.

We also help them emotionally, and we also support them to maintain their neatly sorted homes. 

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to liberate you from the stress that clutter brings into your life. We'll assist you to transform both your home and your life for the better, with a non-judgmental and fully confidential approach.

Our Founder

Nina Francesca

Hi I’m Nina, a Professional Organiser, Author, Mother, Entrepreneur, Business Coach and Well Sorted Chick, keen to help families far and wide to live clutter free at home.

I wrote my my first book, Home Sorted! in 2002, and what has followed has been a crazy ride filled with more Sorted! books (a whole series) and a few different Professional Organising business models under my Home Sorted! banner. All tried and tested with the intent to help families to feel less overwhelmed, and to take back the control at home.

Yes my business Home Sorted!, specialises in home organisation, and we naturally sort clients homes, however when lockdown hit we couldn’t enter any homes and business was on hold!

Being Melbourne based, our lockdown was extra long. We helped many clients to cope via online workshops and virtual consultations. Families were home schooling, setting up their own workspace, and struggling to make use of their space.

It was a great feeling to be able to make a difference via virtual support with our guidance, we received great feedback and impacted many lives.

I’ve been sorting homes, writing and creating content for years to help individuals to take charge of their homes and their lives. It’s my passion and I genuinely enjoying helping people and seeing their lives transform for the better in a well organised home.

20+ Years Experience

Fully Insured

Full Police Checks

Working with Children

Friendly & Trustworthy

How It All Started

My Journey

I wrote my Home Sorted! book with a simple concept in mind.

I have dedicated a chapter per room and offer helpful step-by-step tips from re-organising your cupboards to de-cluttering your garage. My Home Sorted! series of books, have been met with great success. They are available to purchase via Kmart | Target | Big W | MYER and iTunes.

Since I was raising a young family, I then decided to pen Kids Sorted!, Baby Sorted! and Christmas Sorted!. Why these three subject matters? In my opinion they are the other three very important areas of our lives that require a little extra helping hand with sorting and mastering. Having your first baby, raising a young family and celebrating are the most important milestones to enjoy within your own home.

Therefore, I have kept the theme of the sorted home across all of my book titles. Moving forward my Home Sorted! journey has now become a simple and very effective service offering to compliment my book titles.

Servicing Australian Homes

Our Expansion

Following the success of Home Sorted! in Melbourne, the business has now expanded and we have a team of trained professional organisers, offering hands on sorting services far and wide. We are well established, ready, willing and able to get your Home Sorted!.

We are constantly recruiting for individuals who are keen to work with us and more importantly well equipped to help you, ensuring that we can service more homes nation wide.

Brand Exposure

In The Press

Many, many years ago when I launched my Home Sorted! book, the media were interested…the subject matter was fresh and new.

I loved the adventure, sorting the Channel 9 kitchen was my favourite!

But my intention has never been to be ‘famous’, just to simply help others, and appearing in the media offered the opportunity to spread the word.

Following my book launch, I spent many years working on building my business into a service offering.

Therefore, I have spent minimal time in front of the camera, and more time in homes and coaching others.

Here I am in the early days…where has the time gone?!

Our Process To Get You Sorted!

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Home Sorted!

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