christmas planning

If you have been to the shops in the past week you will have noticed that big retailers are starting to prepare for Christmas.

It may be a frightening thought – but there are many reasons why you should follow suit and start preparing for Christmas too. After all, Christmas is only a little over eight weeks away!

Get your finances sorted

One of the biggest stress factors of Christmas is money – there is no denying that the whole day, from presents to travel and sharing a meal with family can be expensive. Starting early allows you to spread your major Christmas expenses over a number of weeks. This will sound like a blessing to those who haven’t started saving already!

Discuss and agree on plans

If you haven’t locked down plans for Christmas day, now is the time to start calling your family and friends. Christmas is a busy time for everyone, and chances are there will be a number of soirees you need to accommodate. More so, last minute plans often come with price creep, which is something we all want to avoid at Christmastime.

Organise travel and accommodation

Along with the point above, now is the time to snag deals on travel and accommodation if you’re going to be visiting family this Christmas season.

Shop before the rush

Planning for Christmas early also gives you a big advantage in the present game! Not only can you spread the cost across numerous pay cycles, but you can start shopping now before the real rush sets in. Is there anything worse than shopping centre car parks and stressed out sales assistants at Christmas? We think not!

Starting early also allows you time to layby large items or for delivery periods from online shopping.

Sit back and enjoy the festive spirit

Lastly, planning early allows you time to sit back and enjoy the festivities! We all know deep down that getting in early and planning for the holidays will give you plenty of time to spend with your family and a sense of relaxation that really is like no other. Have we inspired you yet?

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