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Kickstart Career Workshop

Introduction to the Industry

Wondering what it takes to become a Professional Organiser?

You’ve most likely heard that it’s a job, love to sort your own and are wondering if this is a good career for you.

Our Kickstart Career workshop provides a detailed insight.

Your Time

By attending our workshop you will be introduced to the Professional Organising industry! You learn what it takes to become a Professional Organiser, in a relaxed and interactive environment. We will provide a space where you can ask questions, explore and educate yourself on what really is a satisfying job.

What you’ll need to Succeed

You’ll need to have a passion for the industry, sorting and curious about what a career as a Professional Organiser entails. You will not need any prior experience, or have sorted any homes, except for your own. You need to be an active listener, and be comfortable with attending online meetings.

What you’ll get in Return

Upon the completion of our workshop, you’ll have a clear understanding of whether or not becoming a Professional Organiser is the right job for you. The advice and honesty we provide will save you time and effort when investigating this amazing career option. We will educate you, support you and guide you to look within yourself in order to understand if this is the right career path for you!

Professional Organising Course

Run Your Own Business

Do you want to expand on your career as a Professional Organiser?

Whether you’re new to the industry or want to upskill as an Organiser, then our one day course may be perfect for you.

We’ll teach you all that you need to know.

Your Learning

Our online course is a live and interactive learning environment. Our teachings are based on our many years of servicing clients, and creating a business from our organising skills. You will study six key modules, completing an assignment at the end of each module. Your learnings will provide an opportunity for you to excel as a Professional Organiser.

What you’ll need to Succeed

To attend our course you will need to be eager to learn, have access to a computer (phone access will not be suitable) and be willing to learn more about this great industry in a fun and relaxed learning environment!  You need to be well organised, and willing to learn how to relay your natural organising skills to servicing clients within their personal space at home.

What you’ll get in Return

In return, you will have the opportunity to work as an Independent Professional Organiser applying the many skills and tips to use on a daily basis. You will feel more confident and understand more about uncovering your clients  You will be a part of our community, and be able to access ongoing support and advice on a regular basis.

Become a Home Sorted! Franchisee

Complete Business Solution

Looking for a complete turnkey business ? 

As a Home Sorted! Franchisee you will have a unique opportunity to simply run your own business by following our successful business model.

Low Investment, High Income Return Potential.

Your New Career

You will be running your own business, as a Home Sorted! Franchisee. You’ll invest in your own territory close to home, and assist clients to sort and de-clutter their homes. You will be servicing your own clients on a regular basis, and be the local face of our national brand. You will build a strong business with our guidance, help and support.

What you’ll need to Succeed

We apply a recruitment process when choosing the correct Franchise partners to join our brand. To be considered as a franchisee, you must be keen and dedicated to running your own business. You’ll need to be motivated, a great networker and an excellent communicator. You’ll also need to be extremely well organised and know how to relay these skills to apply to your clients’ available space.

What you’ll get in Return

In return, you will be well supported to be an independent business owner. Our relationship will be one of codependency, our success will be your success! You will be a proud business owner of our unique brand, and receive ongoing support and guidance every step of the way.  

We have been running our business for over 18 years! We’ve tried and tested the model, and have perfected a well sorted business model for like minded individuals to simply follow!

Home Sorted!

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