Be prepared for anything this Christmas!

Christmas stress can have you reaching for the spare box of Cadbury Favourites you stashed in the cupboard or an extra glass of wine at dinner. 

We understand – the festive season can bring out the best and worst of ourselves, but we’re here to help with our ultimate Christmas Day guide. 

Who’s ready to have a joyful holiday? 

Remove all expectations

For many, Christmas is a holiday filled with expectations. You may be longing for a Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, a luxury gift from your spouse or children who behave at all times. 

Unfortunately, the day doesn’t always play out this way. 

This is why we recommend removing all expectations for the Christmas period, allowing you to enjoy the day as it presents itself without the added worry. 

Indulge in moderation

Christmas Day can be one of indulgence. You’re playing a part by eating, drinking and being merry – but does this align with your larger goals or health? A good idea for Christmas Day is to indulge in moderation. Perhaps this means eating a small serve of dessert or stopping after two glasses of wine. Moderation will ultimately be up to the individual but it’s worth considering before you lunge headfirst into the holidays. 

Let go of family tension 

Family tension is common at large gatherings and Christmas is no exception. You may have an uncle or aunt who stirs the pot around the dinner table or causes family members to feel uncomfortable. While we can’t control how other people act, we can control how we react. With this in mind we recommend letting go of tensions that arise. By not fixating on the little things you will allow yourself and your family to enjoy the day without resentment. 

Look for positives

The same can be said for positive thinking. Christmas is a time of the year when it’s ok to put on your rose-coloured glasses and look for the best in those around you. Everyone is feeling the stress of Christmas and there are bound to be slip ups – so try and forgive, we’re all human after all. 

Stop and relax 

Finally, remember to stop and relax this Christmas Day. Take a moment to enjoy the festivities, talk with your children and play with nieces and nephews. You’ll make memories to cherish and allow yourself a time out in the process. Which brings us to our next point. 

Christmas Day doesn’t have to be a full-on festivity. There is nothing wrong with scheduling a solo or family walk after dinner or taking a brief ten minutes to yourself. By honouring your own feelings, you will be able to give your friends and family the day they’re longing for! 

With these tips you should be well prepared to handle anything Christmas Day throws your way…Cadbury Favourites are always optional. 

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